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COLOR... Where Beauty Begins
Color can change your mood, express your individuality, emphasize your personal style.
When your hair has lost it's luster or your golden locks are getting darker by the day, it's time for color. When those little gray strands aren't so little any more, then maybe it's time for a change. Color possibilities are unlimited. We can brighten a sallow complexion or highlight your best features and underplay those feature which aren't your best. Natural looking color will always be fashionable.
Soft reds, honey warm, reddish browns, vivid brunettes and golden blondes are here to stay. Give your hair a look of vitality with a touch of color.
Ask your stylist for a color consultation - discover what a new hair color can do for you... and your life.
Bruno I Style
          As of January 1, 2009, we have upgraded our color to the         
Koleston Perfect Supieror Color.
* Upgraded formula with more even and balanced
color results than before.
* Gentler to hair, leaving it looking healtier and
shinier-69% more shine compared with
untreated hair.
* New combination of state-of-the art dyes results
in 15% longer-lasting reds
than previously.
* 9 new shades based on fashion trends.      

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