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Hair Polish
Always use in small amounts on wet hair. Before blow dry as a smoothing agent. After dry, use a small amount as a finishing tool. Work through the hair from scalp to ends.
- A Hair Polish
Straight & Narrow
On wet hair it gets the curliest and waviest hair straight.  After hair is dry you may put a small amount on entire head. The difference between this and the hair polish is that
S&N is heavier.
Thick It

This product you must be careful with!! This is one of those that ifyou use too much, it will be greasy.  Just a small amount before drying and finger dry.  Use to create that Meg Ryan look of second day hair.  If you want more texture, after blow drying spray some texture rising at the end and scrunch with your hands until you get the look you want


This is a leave in conditioner not like the other straightening products.  It is a fusion of a deep treatment and a finishing product.

B-rising gel

A super holding ad volumizing gel- builds touchable long lasting and flexible control without weighting down the hair.  Ideal for blow drying or wet styling.

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