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    What is Waxing?
    It's a very simple procedure. Warm wax is applied to cleansed skin. A cloth strip is applied to the wax and then pulled off taking the wax and unwanted hair with it. Clean and easy!
    Why Wax?
    Waxing not only removes hair, but also removes dead skin cells - like a facial - and results in your skin feeling smooth, silky and sensuous.
    How long does it Last?
    Depending on the individual - four to six weeks before another session. It lasts so long because waxing removes the entire hair from its follicle, delaying its appearance considerably.  Plus, it diminishes hair growth. That explains why the more you wax an area, the less hair is likely to grow back since the process weakens the hair follicles.
    If you never had waxing before, a consultation on the waxing procedure and its benefits is available to you by our staff in the manicure department.  This will eliminate any nervous tension you have on the unknown of waxing.
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